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The hotels, which are especially preferred during summer holidays, are also used for business trips from time to time. Although people generally want to stay in hotels, hostels attract a lot of attention due to its location and sometimes economics. We begin our article in which we will give detailed information about the difference between hotels and hostels, by defining them first.

Boutiques and Pensions are places that meet the basic needs of people as well as their accommodation needs. They serve on the roadside or in the city at affordable prices.

A hotel is a place that contains all the services a person is looking for and often has private options such as a pool and a hammam. It is rated from 1 star to 5 stars.


Hotel Ratings

As we mentioned, hotels are rated with stars. It would be wrong to talk about the difference between hostel and hostel without understanding the meanings of these stars. Therefore, first of all, we would like to give some information about the stars and their meanings.

1-star hotels have a minimum of 10 rooms, a toilet, a bathroom, a breakfast room, a lobby and a general hall. They usually work on half board basis.
Apart from the features found in 1 star hotels, there are a minimum of 20 rooms and beverage service.

3-star hotels have a minimum of 30 rooms, elevator, heating or cooling system, meeting room and living room.
4-star hotels have at least 70 rooms, bath tub in the bathroom, restaurant, laundry and ironing room, room service, TV, barber, entertainment places.
5-star hotels are distinguished from others by their features such as at least 100 rooms, safe, car park, pool, disco, and 24-hour room service.
After these details, we can move on to give information about the hotel and hostel difference.

Difference Between Hotel and Hostel

There are serious differences between hotels and hostels. There are serious differences between the facilities offered by 5-star hotels and the facilities offered by hostels. Now, let’s share these differences with you in items.

Hotels have more amenities than hostels. For this reason, it is an undeniable fact that it is more expensive than a hostel. It leaves the hostel with options such as pool, room service, full board accommodation.

You can spend a good time in hotels all day. You can eat and enjoy all your meals to the fullest. Apart from that, hostels usually only offer the opportunity to sleep. Apart from that, you can drink tea and other beverages from the lobby.

With concepts such as all-inclusive, you will not have to pay more than the amount you agreed on at the beginning. However, you pay an extra fee, including drinks, for the use of all facilities other than accommodation in hostels.

Hotels are rated by the number of stars and are in a constant effort to rise to the next star. However these are not available in hostels and you will need your accommodation to tell the difference between any 2 hostels.

Hotels can be found in the city as well as in the forest or on the beach. Transportation is always easy and they have a good view. However, the hostels are located close to the city center. For this reason, you have the chance to see these places that you usually encounter in the center, as well as at the gas stations on the road.