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Göcek Neighborhood, one of the pearls of Muğla, is a popular place with its values. Although it is a neighborhood surrounded by natural beauties, it contains important details within these natural beauties. Ancient cities located among lush mountains, historical church ruins, ancient structures under the sea such as the Cleopatra Baths reveal the richness of Göcek in terms of historical values. It becomes possible for visitors to travel both in nature and in history at a single point. In addition to these two holiday concepts, Göcek also stands out with its natural beauties and blues.

Göcek bays have different features from other bays in the region with their untouched nature or unique features. Some of the 12 Island Bays, which are important values ​​of Muğla Region, are located in Göcek. Thanks to these and similar bays, Göcek bays are the indispensable route of boat tours. Göcek beaches stand out with their coves. Göcek beaches names give information about Göcek beaches. While there are still untouched Göcek beaches for those who want tranquility, there are special Göcek beaches names for those who want to spend more social time.

The absence of an area to swim in the center of Göcek disables the Göcek center beaches option. However, there are Inlice Beach or Göcek Island options, which are a few minutes away from the center. These two beaches, which are among the most beautiful beaches of Göcek, “Where to swim in Göcek?” Good answers to the question too. Since there are facilities in the region, Göcek public beaches options come into play. Almost every bay has a public beach section. In this way, people who wish can benefit from the beaches free of charge. It is possible to find a beach in Göcek where all kinds of requests can be met.

Gocek Island

Göcek Island, which is one of the indispensable addresses of boat tours, is another address that stands out with its proximity to the center of Göcek. As soon as possible, people who want to swim in a nearby bay will find themselves in Göcek Island. Although this situation causes the island to be crowded during the peak periods of summer, the natural beauty of the region manages to protect itself. The island is completely covered with pine and log trees and creates a feast of colors with its deep blue sea. The only business on the island allows visitors to meet their needs such as umbrellas, sun loungers, food, toilets and showers. The thing to know about the beach is that it consists of very large stones. For this reason, it is recommended that those who come to bring sea shoes with them.

Daily Beach

Daily, which is 10 kilometers from the center of Göcek, takes its name from the log trees in the region. The unique scent of the log trees makes the log trees stand out in the cosmetics industry. Therefore, the region is extremely valuable and valuable. The combination of the smell of the trees and the smell of the sea leaves an unforgettable place in the memory of the visitors. It is possible to breathe this exquisite scent at every point of the 500-meter-wide beach. Accessible by both land and sea, the bay is mostly quiet. Thanks to the businesses located on the beach, visitors can meet their daily needs, and those who wish can spend their nights at the Daily Beach in the camping areas.

Calis Beach

This 4 kilometers long beach is one of the longest addresses on the Muğla bays map. Calis Beach, located 25 kilometers from the center of Gocek, is one of the frequently visited addresses not only for its beach but also for the entertainment opportunities it offers. Calis Beach, where water sports such as surfing and kite boarding are held, is also home to many facilities. The venues lined up along the coastline allow entertainment and food for all tastes to be found. It is recommended that those who come to Calis Beach just to enjoy the sea, come early in the morning. The fact that the region is windy in the afternoon makes the sea fluctuate.

Sarigerme Beach

With its 7-kilometer-long beach, Sarigerme, which makes you feel like you are in a vast place, is one of the prominent addresses of Göcek. This beach, which is 30 minutes away from the center of Göcek, is one of the well-known beaches of not only Göcek but also Fethiye. Due to its popularity, Sarıgerme welcomes thousands of local and foreign tourists all season long. It hosts many water sports with its fine and soft sand, shallow and calm sea. All these features make it preferable for families with children. Although there are many places on the beach, the fact that it has not lost anything from its calmness and peace in general allows those who want to spend a quiet day to prefer Sarigerme Beach.