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1. Gocek Bazaar

As in many holiday resorts, Göcek also has a main street lined with public institutions, banks, shops, restaurants and cafes. Gocek Çarşı Yolu Avenue, which merges with Turgut Özal Avenue afterward, is the center where Göcek’s heart beats. Two-storey shops are lined up on its streets, which are paved with small pebbles. Although it gets active in the summer months, it generally has a calm atmosphere that does not get tired.

You may be interested in the boutiques in the bazaar where textile products made of sile cloth and linen are sold. Also, visit the souvenir shops with authentic and original figures made of ceramics. The restaurants and cafes of the bazaar are also very decent. It is possible to find flavors suitable for every palate in their menu, which has a wide range from local to international cuisine. New generation design cafes are also opening.

Pass the palm road that leads down to the beach from the bazaar and walk along the promenade where the yachts are located. Especially at sunset, the beach is even more beautiful. Evening hours are a good time to feel the movement and energy of Gocek bazaar and beach.

Shop on the street, where everyone who visits this charming town falls at least once, relax in the cafes. See the local life atmosphere in Göcek up close.

2. D-Marin Gocek

D-Marin Göcek is one of the most exclusive marinas of Göcek and the South Aegean. The most important feature of the marina is that it is an environmentally friendly facility within a special protection zone. The hill behind the marina and its surroundings are covered with pine trees, giving the feeling of being in the forest. Intertwined with the city, a 5-minute walk from Göcek Bazaar, D-Marin is a frequent destination for those who want to spend quality time with its stylish bistros and restaurants.

D-Marin Resort, which is within the scope of D-Marin Göcek, is a good choice for those who want to feel privileged with its modern architecture, elegant suites with blue-white sea views and restaurants where you can find tastes from world cuisine. Especially the location and design of Q Lounge is very special.

Located at the point where the Mediterranean coast meets the South Aegean coast, D-Marin Göcek is a dream destination with its private sandy beach brought from Egypt, accommodation facilities in pine forests, a shopping area and a marina with a mooring capacity of 380 yachts. Watch the white boats floating on the sea at sunset, the landscapes that look like they came out of paintings are just for photography.

Blue Point Beach is the only beach in Göcek center where you can swim. The beach is right next to D-Marin. Its white fine sandy beach starts right next to the D-Marin Restaurant, which is the continuation of D-Marin. Continuing along the coast of the sea, the turquoise color is fascinating.

Part of the beach consists of a sandy beach and part of a platform made of teak wood. The beach part is very nice, those who do not like sand can spend time in the other part. Its clean and smooth waters make you feel like you are in the forest, just a few meters away from the pine trees.

The view of Göcek Island diagonally across you while swimming is magnificent. The smell of the resin of the forest mixes with the iodine from the sea. Trees leaning towards the sea create a natural shadow. To enter the Blue Point Beach in D-Marin Göcek, it is paid 120 TL on weekdays and 150 TL on weekends. There is no entrance fee for the venues on the upper part of the beach.

3. Gocek Island

Göcek Island The closest beach to the center of Göcek. Since there is only one beach in the centre, nearby Göcek Island is often preferred. Its sea is clean and has a calm nature. The trees are close enough to touch the sea. Since it is close to the center, it can be very crowded in summer.

You can reach Göcek Island in 15 minutes by motor boats departing from the municipal marina every hour (25TL). You have to pay an extra 35 TL to enter the island. On the island covered with logs and pine trees, unique to the region, there is a small business run by a family where you can rent sun loungers/umbrellas and there is plenty of peace.

It is a good idea to have sea shoes or slippers with you if the sea is stony and rocky. Be careful as there are lots of sea urchins too. If you like diving, don’t forget your snorkel and goggles. You can also camp on the island. If you don’t like boat tours, Göcek Island is a good alternative.

4. İnlice Beach

The closest beach to Göcek is in Inlice Neighborhood, which is 6 km away. Inlice Public Beach, which costs 10 TL for entry, can be reached by minibus or buses departing in front of Göcek Municipality building. With its sea and lush forest that goes down to the beach, the beach has a pleasant atmosphere for a sea, sand and sun holiday.

It is a beautiful beach with 800 meters long black sand and deep blue water. It has a beautiful sea. The sea is stony in places. There is a small business on the beach that provides services such as sun loungers, umbrellas (10TL), cafe, showers and changing cabins. Eating and drinking is quite convenient compared to outside.