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About Göcek: Gocek is a neighborhood in the Fethiye district of Muğla. Located on the west of Fethiye, on the border with the Dalaman district, Gocek is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the west. Located at a perfect crossing point between the Aegean and Mediterranean regions, Göcek is one of the most popular stops of blue cruise tours in Turkey. Therefore, it can be said that Göcek is a wonderful port city.

As a result of this, there are many private marinas in the town that can meet almost every need of boat owners. There are many things to do in Göcek, which is a true natural wonder with its green nature and clear, clean, turquoise sea! Scroll the page to find out what to do in Göcek…

Cards used: There is no card requirement to be used in Göcek.

Iconic sightseeing spots: Göcek’s iconic sightseeing spots; D – Marin, Göcek Island, Yassıca Islands, Zeytin Island, Shipyard Island, Domuz Island, Ömer Eşen Nature Park consists of.

What to do on Sunday?

You can start a beautiful Sunday morning in Göcek with a local village breakfast. After you finish your breakfast, you can visit Göcek’s famous marinas and shop in the shops and boutiques in the center.

In addition, you can go to Gocek’s restaurants, have a pleasant lunch or a fun dinner, and sip your wine against the view. Don’t forget to go to the beaches, sunbathe, enjoy the sea and the beach!

What to do in a day?

What to do in Gocek in one day? You can spend a day by participating in boat tours that start around 10:00 in the morning and last until 18:00 in the evening.

You can get the chance to visit and see the famous bays of Göcek and the 12 islands around it with boat tours. You can also do fun-filled activities such as swimming and underwater diving while participating in boat tours.

Considering the known Covid-19, you can take a look at private rental boats in Göcek in case you do not want to join group tours.

Free Activities

1. Take a Walk on the Göcek Promenade!

Where is here? Göcek promenade is a place where marinas, piers, cafes and restaurants, shops, kiosks and marinas are located. The promenade, which constitutes the most central point of the town, is one of the first places to be visited by tourists coming to Göcek. Therefore, you can first add the pleasure of walking along the promenade among the things to do in Göcek.

Why should I go? You should definitely go to the promenade to take a walk at sunset or sunrise, in a beautiful weather, accompanied by the magnificent view of the Aegean Sea. If you wish, you can spend time or shop at the places along the beach.

2. Don’t Go Back Without Seeing Göcek Marina: D-Marin Göcek!

Where is here? Göcek Marina, or in other words D-Marin Göcek, is one of the most sheltered marinas in Turkey. Bringing the Mediterranean and Aegean regions together, Göcek Marina is an important intersection point due to its location. For this reason, it constitutes one of the ports of call for many boats.

Everything in Göcek Marina has been thought out to the smallest detail in terms of both comfort and safety. It is very easy to reach the marina, which is 5 minutes away from the center of Göcek.

Why should I go? Göcek Marina, which is located in a region, some of which is under protection by the state, serves as a qualified facility with various features. The marina, which has many areas from its restaurant to its cafe, from its market to its buffet, has the facilities to meet the needs of almost everyone.

In addition, the marina, located in a magnificent nature, is extremely sensitive to the environment. There is a floating breakwater 280 meters long and 6 meters wide in the marina to ensure the safety of yachts. The length of the marina is 70 meters; Its depth is 40 meters. In addition, 150 of them are on land; It has a capacity that can accommodate a total of 530 boats, 380 of which are at sea.

Don’t miss out! In addition to these, various events such as sailing races are organized in Göcek Marina. Gocek Marina, also known as D-Marin Gocek, is the only place where you can spend quality time in the town as one of the most exclusive marinas in Turkey.

3. Take an Island Tour!

The island of Göcek, which is the closest to the center of Göcek, draws attention with its clean sea and untouched nature. On the island, there is a business that provides services for needs such as sunbeds, umbrellas and food and beverage. You can reach Göcek Island by boat tours, private yachts or sea taxis.

The Yassıca Islands consist of several small and large islands. The islands in the Gulf of Fethiye are one of the places where tour boats frequently anchor. Covered with olive and pine trees, Yassıca Islands are also very suitable for water sports.