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Göcek, one of the first places that comes to mind when blue voyage is mentioned, is a frequent destination for boat and yacht enthusiasts. Göcek, a tiny and charming place in Muğla, was a region where the Lycians lived and called Daidala. Göcek, which has great historical importance; It is home to many ancient historical monuments. It is also very suitable for swimming, yacht tours, windsurfing, trekking and diving among the ruins of the ancient city.

Göcek Beaches and Bays

Göcek stands out among the countless darknesses found in the combination of blue and green. This natural wonder region is like a hidden paradise in the Mediterranean. Some of the bays and beaches in Göcek:

Osmanaga Bay

Cleopatra Cove

Bedri Rahmi Bay

Ayten Bay

Aquarium Cove

İnlice Beach

Blue Dot Beach

Yassica Islands

Pig Island

Gocek Island

Shipyard Island

Activities to Do in Göcek

Göcek stands out with its numerous historical sites and activities. Although the first thing that comes to mind is a boat tour when Göcek is mentioned, Göcek is a wonderful region especially for those who want to visit ancient theaters and structures. Göcek is also suitable for nature walks and water sports.